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The ‘Baltic Eagle’ wind platform will leave the port of Antwerp

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This Tuesday, the offshore wind platform called ‘Baltic Eagle’ leaves the port of Antwerp to reach the Baltic Sea. By the end of 2024, the platform will cover the energy consumption of nearly 500,000 German households.

The Baltic Eagle offshore wind platform, assembled in Hoboken (Antwerp), will leave the port of Antwerp on Tuesday morning to reach the Baltic Sea.

Once operational, end of 2024the installation will have to provide energy corresponding to the consumption of 475,000 German households.

The structure, which weighs 4,500 tons, should arrive at its destination by the end of the week.

The electrical substation was built under the direction of Equans, Smulders, 50Hertz (German subsidiary of the Elia group) and the Spanish Iberdrola. “Baltic Eagle should enable to avoid the emission of nearly one million tons of CO2″according to the operator of the high-voltage network Elia.

“The platform will soon be connected to the German station of Lubmin, through two submarine cables 90 kilometers long. »

As underlined by our colleagues from L’Echo, Belgium wants to prove with this project its expertise in the field of offshore wind power.

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