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London imposes sanctions on an Iranian paramilitary group

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The UK has decided to impose additional sanctions on Iran due to serious human rights abuses in the country. The paramilitary Basij militia and several Iranian leadership officials have been sanctioned, the British Foreign Office announced on Monday.

“Those on whom sanctions were imposed today are at the center of the regime’s brutal crackdown on the Iranian people,” Secretary of State James Cleverly said in a statement. “The UK and its international partners wanted the sanctions to send a clear signal that there is no safe haven for the perpetrators of the worst human rights abuses.”

The Basij-e Mostasafin is a paramilitary unit in Iran. Created after the 1979 Islamic revolution and recruited among young people, the militia plays a central role in the suppression of demonstrations in the country. The militia is part of the Revolutionary Guards and is said to have several hundred thousand supporters loyal to the system.

Besides the militia, Heydari de Kiumar is also on the UK sanctions list – he is the commander of Iran’s ground forces. The EU has already imposed sanctions against him and the Basij militia.

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