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Cycling to work? Soon a new allowance of 0.27 euro per kilometer

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From May 1 at the latest, a new collective agreement will come into force in companies that do not yet have one, determining the compensation to be paid to workers who go to work by bike. This was set at 0.27 euro per kilometer and will be indexed.

The social partners have agreed on a supplementary CCT (collective labor agreement), i.e. concerning sectors and companies where no CLA has yet been concluded, regulating the terms and conditions for granting the bicycle allowance in the context of home-to-work travel. The agreement provides for the payment of compensation of 0.27 euros for each kilometer traveled by bicycle, they indicated on Tuesday.

To obtain it, the employee must use the bike “regularly” for home-workplace travel and make sure to choose the subscription formula best suited to their habits, so that the employer does not compensate twice the same move. The amount of compensation will be indexed every year.

The CCT will come into force after the adoption of compensation measures (tax credit) promised by the government, no later than May 1, specifies the Federation of Belgian Enterprises (FEB). The CLAs already concluded in sectors and companies continue to apply, however, even if the amount of the bicycle allowance is less than 0.27 euro.

In a reaction, the Minister of Mobility Georges Gilkinet welcomes the agreement concluded between the social partners. “It’s a further step towards more active mobility that emits less CO2,” he says. “More and more workers cycle to work. Which is good both for their physical and moral health and for mobility. On my initiative, within the framework of the first federal plan for the BeCyclist bicycle, the government proposed to extend to all workers the benefit of the bicycle allowance from home to place of work. »

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