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Nearly 13,000 dead in Chinese hospitals in one week

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Between January 13 and 19, nearly 13,000 people infected with the corona virus died in Chinese hospitals. This was reported by a senior Chinese health service official. A large majority of the population has already been infected with the virus, it still seems.

Specifically, 681 patients died in a hospital during this period from respiratory problems caused by corona, and 11,977 died from other illnesses, in combination with the virus. The number of Chinese people who have died at home from corona has not been disclosed.

In mid-January, just over a month after Beijing eased strict corona measures, authorities reported that between December 8 last year and January 12, around sixty thousand deaths in hospitals were related to the lung virus. Observers suspect that figure is an underestimate.

The British company Airfinity, which carries out medical analyses, estimates that the number of daily corona deaths will rise to 36,000 in the period after Chinese New Year. On the occasion of this Chinese New Year, celebrated today, millions of Chinese go to their region of origin. It is feared that all these movements will lead to a further significant increase in the number of infections. However, authorities point out that the current wave has already infected around eighty percent of the population. “In the first two or three months, the risk of a second wave sweeping the country is very low,” said Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

According to Airfinity, 600,000 Chinese have already died from corona since the corona restrictions were published. (Belgium)

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