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Another strike by British paramedics

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Paramedics in England and Wales will halt work again on Monday to bolster their demands for a substantial pay rise. Ambulances only show up for urgent matters. Earlier this month and in December, paramedics also went on strike, and Monday’s action is the first of ten.

The strike is organized by three unions. This is the first time that these unions have taken joint action. Around 15,000 paramedics take part. Around 5,000 NHS National Health Service workers in Liverpool are also on strike.

The most important strike days in this series of ten are February 6 and 20 and March 6 and 20. Then, strikes take place in almost all the regions concerned.

Union Unison argues that a substantial pay rise could ease the workload as it makes working in ambulances and the NHS more attractive and fewer people leaving for better paid jobs. If there are more personnel, the ambulance will also be there more quickly to help patients. In addition, people in hospital can be helped more quickly. Today, patients often have to wait a long time for examinations or operations.

A wave of strikes has been raging in the UK for some time due to high inflation. For example, public transport, postal services, border control and other sectors have been hit.

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