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Vivaqua’s request for a price increase hides a deeper evil, according to Les Engagés

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The recent request made by the Vivaqua water intermunicipal company to the Brussels regulator Brugel for the adaptation of its tariffs to the inflation observed in 2022, i.e. an increase of 14.5%, is the symptom of deeper problems, say Saturday The Engaged. According to the party, Vivaqua “is in a worrying financial situation while colossal investments are needed. »

The operator has a cumulative deficit of one billion euros caused in particular by the explosion of unpaid invoices, explain Les Engagés. The Brussels Region has thus had to stand surety for more than 300 million euros and grant 78 million in subsidies in three years. Finance.Brussels also granted a loan of 10 million euros to the intermunicipal company, lists the party, specifying that these financial problems have also led to a postponement of major investments, in particular on the modernization of the sewerage network.

On the strength of these observations, Les Engagés ask the State to appoint a regional representative within the management bodies, to hear the Minister of the Environment Alain Maron and the CEO of Vivaqua on the short and medium term situation of the intermunicipal company, to regionalize the latter and to merge it, in the medium term, with Hydria, the Brussels water management company. Finally, the party proposes to “explore synergies with Walloon and Flemish water stakeholders » in order to be able to make group purchases, joint catchments and to agree on the volumes of water to be supplied.

“I think that the Government is not aware of the extent of the problem of the water sector in Brussels”, concludes MP Christophe De Beukelaer. ” The systemic risk for the Region is real. With potentially serious consequences for the Brussels taxpayer”.

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