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Shoe brand Dr. Martens sells less due to warm winter weather

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Shoe brand Dr. Martens is suffering from the relatively warm weather this winter. As a result, the British producer sells less of its well-known black, high shoes with thick soles. Dr. Martens warns that profits will be significantly lower as a result.

Dr. Martens is also struggling with problems at its new distribution center in Los Angeles, USA. Many more shoes were delivered there than expected, causing the entire operation to come to a standstill. Now the manufacturer is struggling to supply the number of shoes sellers are asking for.
The producer is also suffering from the high inflation, which means that consumers have less to spend while their own costs are rising.

The company expects profit before tax, interest and depreciation in the broken financial year, which runs until the end of March, to be at least 18 million euros lower. That would leave just under 300 million euros. Also for the coming year, Dr. Martens is not optimistic, partly due to the uncertain economic situation and the ongoing problems in its distribution centers.

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