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Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, the minister who took the advantage over Le Graët

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Amélie Oudéa-Castéra sips a Coke with a slice of lemon and ice cubes floating in her large, uncluttered office, barely broken by stacks of meticulously lined up files. The week that is ending is one that, for sure, she will remember. For a Minister of Sports, the head of the President of the French Football Federation (FFF) is the kind of test that raises a reputation. Without wishing to attenuate its merits, let us recognize that with Noël Le Graët, the minister was playing on velvet as the person concerned had scuttled himself with his declarations on the former star of the France team, Zinedine Zidane, who aspired to become the coach: “I don’t care, he can go where he wants […], I wouldn’t even have taken him on the phone. » It was Abbé Pierre, Saint Louis and Victor Hugo all at the same time who were being attacked. Immediately, unanimous France demanded the skin of the profaner, whose head, already, was very wobbly from various stories evoking his problematic behavior with women.

Also, the Minister did not have to roll any mechanics to get the popular voice to lean on her side. After an exchange with Emmanuel Macron, son comrade of the ENA – “I could see that he too was shocked by these remarks” –a press conference was organized and an appeal launched to the Executive Committee of the FFF “to take responsibility”. No sooner said than done. Two days later, an urgently convened Comex meant

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