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the particular flavor of a match between atmosphere and history

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Faïsel put on the red jersey and or Espérance Sportive de Tunis, his heart club. With a nod, he points to the French flag hanging behind him, his hand on his chest. But on this afternoon of a World Cup match, it is the national team of Tunisia which is playing against the selection of Didier Deschamps which he supports, because it represents “six roots”its dual culture hypothesis widely. “I’m a supporter of the France team but when Tunisia play, I change sides. It’s like love for his mother, it goes ahead. »

Faïsel, forty, lives in Noisy-le-Sec, and Seine-Saint-Denis. This Wednesday, November 30, he made the trip to Hasdrubal, a bar at 19e district of Paris which bears the name of the Carthaginian general who stands up against Rome in the IIIe century before our era. The young man found his friends, French of Tunisian origin like him or born on the other side of the Mediterranean, to share a shisha and have a good time.

He would have preferred another outcome to the match between the Eagles of Carthage and the Blues. Admittedly, Tunisia managed the feat of beating the reigning world champions (1-0). But this victory was not enough for qualification in the round of 16 of the World Cup. In this smoking room with one-way windows, on the black imitation leather sofas, the clientele, overwhelmingly male and of all ages, looks defeated. The bar staff – of Tunisian origin –

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