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“Kylian Mbappé, the new Pelé”

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Now there is no longer any doubt. Kylian Mbappé is shaking up the national hierarchy and becoming the greatest player of his generation. I admit that I had some cold sweats during this match against Poland, despite Olivier Giroud’s but magnificent, in the first half. Subsequently, the Blues let themselves get carried away in a false rhythm, in a monotonous, almost soporific torpor, which could have gone wrong, as the accident, the error of defense, the moment of deconcentration, could intervene at any moment, and sent us back to our old demons.

And then the light is place. With, at the source, this new Martian of football, a gazelle whose aerial sprints we know, all in power, in determination. Mbappe’s strength is that he doesn’t doubt. He has such self-confidence, that some consider him arrogant, that he always ends up performing a miraculous gesture, an almost miraculous act, as if he had fallen from the sky. In two powerful shots, he deceived the Polish goalkeeper, considered one of the best in this position, and propelled the Blues to the quarter-finals of the World Cup.

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World Cup in Qatar: a journey behind the scenes

With Bondy’s child, everything seems so simple, so pure, so obvious. An extraordinary burst of speed, feline legs and a pure, violent, dazzling strike, in any position, reminiscent of the game of his teenage idol, Cristiano Ronaldo. At 23, Kylian is in the process of dethroning all his masters – Messi, Ronaldo, Lewandowski, and a few others – and seizing the scepter of King Pelé. It is, of course, an incredible chance for the French to have such a nugget in their group. He sometimes annoyed me, by his obsession with being number one, by his capricious star mood swings, by his useless and frustrating individualism for his little chore comrades, by his variable geometry morality in the choice of sponsors bruises. But did I really have any choice but to cover him up like a touchy teenager with stratospheric gifts?

“Kylian, lazy sorry everything”

So I had to give him total freedom on the field, to build our game on him, for him, by him, with him. Paradox, but also stroke of luck, the PSG dragster has publicly declared his need to have at the fore, in the role of pivot, capable of freeing up spaces for him, our national Olivier Giroud, warrior of the surfaces, returning from hell each season, criticized, mocked, but suddenly become the model teammate for Kylian. It’s this unlikely pairing that is making our team one of the favorites in this strange but historic tournament. Where the old glories are doing their last lap, those whom Mbappé adores: Messi, Ronaldo … Our number 10 nevertheless kindly points them out to the cemetery of the golden balloon elephants. Without a word, without any press interviews.

We forgive everything to a mute who scores so many goals, already five in this World Cup! We forgive everything to a kid who has not always been a good comrade with the Blues, as his ego shook the locker room. We forgive everything to the one who could well become the heir of King Pelé, whose failing health is said to be. Lights go out. Another is settling down with a bang on the stage of the Olympus of football. He is French. Would I be playing the cocorico boys? More than ever. If Kylian managed to breathe his extraordinary energy, his almost mystical faith in his destiny, into these tricolor friends, we could really be irresistible. To achieve this, he will have to very quickly become the boss of the Blues. It’s almost there. If we manage to pass the quarter-finals, the case will be effective. The new boss of the Blues will be called Mbappé.

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