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Party on your plate: 80x creative with Christmas classics

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The fun of the end-of-year celebrations actually lies in the annual struggle with the stuffed turkey, a lost bun in the cheese fondue, the smell of roast. That’s why: 80 recipes of real Christmas classics and some variations on the theme.

Nothing says Christmas with family more than the festive dish that is on the table every year. Fortunately, it doesn’t always have to be exactly the same, there are a few variations on every recipe. Will you put fondue, turkey, roast or scallops on the party table? Or maybe lobster, salmon, festive poultry or one of those typical terrines? With these Christmas classics, the festive feeling, at least at the table, is absolutely guaranteed.

The Christmas classics in 80 recipes

  • Cheese fondue with vegetables
  • Asian fondue
  • Japanese fondue with beef & tofu
  • Japanese fondue with shiitake mushrooms and duck
  • Swiss cheese fondue
  • Ball fondue
  • Italian cheese fondue in whole pumpkin
  • Japanese fondue with wagyu beef and mushrooms
  • Traditional cheese raclette with Breydel bacon
  • Spicy szechuan cheese fondue
  • Turkey with vanilla and pumpkin
  • Turkey with cider and thyme butter
  • Turkey with chestnut stuffing
  • Stuffed turkey with apples, glazed carrots and sweet potato puree
  • Stuffed turkey with chicory
  • Turkey with tarragon
  • Turkey stuffed with lemongrass
  • Turkey roast with dried fruit
  • Prosecco pickled turkey breast with Brussels sprouts and bacon
  • Turkey stuffed under the skin with braised chicory
  • Turkey fillet with mustard sauce, pointed cabbage and cherry sauce
  • Lobster with tarragon
  • Lob’star pasta
  • Lobster with avocado and sesame orange syrup
  • Grilled lobster with herb butter and rice
  • lobster Thermidor
  • Roasted lobster
  • Steamed lobster with sauternes
  • Lobster with asparagus and Noilly Prat
  • Puree of celeriac with lobster and truffle
  • Baked scallops with creamy pea puree and foie gras
  • Scallops with Belgian caviar
  • Scallops with potato risotto & crème d’Isigny with truffle
  • Scallops in a coconut milk and apple sauce
  • Lukewarm pea salad with lentils, mint oil and scallops
  • Chicory and pear with scallops and a sauce of sauerkraut
  • Grilled scallops with parsley butter and whiskey
  • Beef tartar, scallops, broccoli cream and rocket salad
  • Scallop with fennel compote, crispy pancetta and sauce of gingerbread and foie gras
  • Baked scallops with truffles, celeriac sticks and lamb’s lettuce
  • Grilled salmon with chicory
  • Crispy chicory with ricotta mousse, dill and smoked salmon
  • Salmon in salt crust with herbs
  • Mousse of smoked salmon with salmon caviar
  • Candied salmon with citrus, guacamole and citrus cream
  • Smoked salmon with horseradish and mizuna
  • Steamed salmon with quinoa and red onion dressing
  • Asparagus with poached salmon and chive sauce
  • Cod brandade with marinated salmon and salmon eggs
Christmas roast
  • Roast wild boar chops, apples with cinnamon and potato sticks
  • Roast veal fillet with honey and rosemary
  • Roast veal fillet with herb crust and blackberry sauce
  • Roasted Leg of lamb
  • Roast leg of lamb with cumin and broad bean hummus
  • Roast leg of lamb with thyme and chestnuts
  • Roast lamb crown with roasted garlic and ratatouille
  • Roast pork tenderloin with warm peach
  • Stuffed veal roast with cabbage, mushrooms and mozzarella
  • Veal roast with beetroot and coppa
  • Thyme roast lamb with braised fennel
Party birds
  • Roasted pigeon with new potatoes and peas in a French way
  • Roast duck breast with Szechuan pepper, honey, Parisian mushrooms and spring onion
  • Roast duck fillet with peanuts
  • Roast pheasant with braised chicory and tripel beer
  • Roast fillet of wild duck, vegetable garnish and game sauce
  • Roast rooster with citrus vinaigrette
  • Roast chicken with chestnuts
  • Roast quail with mushroom cream sauce
  • Roast quail with white beans, baked pumpkin and sage oil
  • Roast guinea fowl with grapes and tarragon
  • Guinea fowl with pears and dates
  • Salmon terrine with broccoli and dried fruit
  • Duck foie gras terrine
  • Salmon in aspic with carrots, dried cranberries, broccoli and caviar
  • Foie gras terrine with smoked eel and pear coulis
  • Pâté in shortcrust pastry of venison and chestnuts
  • Terrine of lobster, salmon trout and pike
  • Terrine of French oysters with shallot jam
  • Duck pie pyramid with citrus vinaigrette
  • Tail fish terrine with basil

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