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Kids’ bike stays upright with a gyroscope instead of exercise wheels

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Training wheels are no longer necessary for young people who want to learn to ride a bike. The American start-up Jyrobike has completed a bike with a gyroscopic front wheel that prevents falls.

At first glance, the Jyrobike does not look so different from other children’s bikes. However, on closer inspection, the front wheel turns out to contain a gyroscopic flywheel that helps keep the bike upright even when the insecure young rider begins to wobble.

Result: Drive wheels are immediately superfluous. Even novice cyclists suddenly look like a promising Tom Boonen.

The Jyrobike works with a rechargeable battery that lasts three hours. The bike has a remote control that allows parents to control the gyroscopic effect. In other words: you can use the old trick where you let go of the bike unnoticed, after which the UK unknowingly continues to ride on its own for a long distance.

roaring dinosaur

Jyrobike, which is based in Philadelphia, is looking for seed money on fundraising site Kickstarter. The gyroscopic front wheels alone (they can also be mounted on a normal children’s bike) are offered there for 129 or 149 dollars (95/110 euros), depending on the size. A whole bike costs 249 to 299 dollars (180/220 euros).

When the child is ready to drive without mechanical assistance, the gyroscopic wheel can be replaced by a normal wheel. Also cool: the Jyrobike comes with built-in sound effects, ranging from a mermaid to a roaring dinosaur.

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