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California to issue licenses for driverless cars

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In California, motorists will soon be able to obtain a permit to use public roads in self-driving cars. Napping while driving remains prohibited.

Google’s driverless cars have been criss-crossing California for some time now without major incident. To get this situation out of the legal twilight zone, the state will now issue official permits.

These licenses become a kind of driving license for the driver and the car together. They cost $150 (110 euros) and are subject to a strict set of rules. They’re not intended for mere mortals just yet, but at least they’re a step closer to the driverless future that Google and automakers are promising around 2020.

Read the newspaper while driving

Anyone who wants to hit the streets with a self-driving car right now must be an employee of one of the companies that build such cars and the car must cost at least five million dollars (3.7 million euros) per month. ‘State of California .to be insured. This alone puts these types of vehicles beyond the reach of normal people.

The human driver must have had their driver’s license for at least three years and an impeccable record as a driver. Whoever caused an accident in which people were injured can forget it. The same goes for those who have been caught drinking and driving in the last ten years.

The driver must also be able to regain control of the vehicle at any time. This unfortunately means: no reading newspapers, playing video games or napping at the wheel.

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