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The headphone war: Bose sues Beats

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The brand of trendy headphones Beats by Dr. Dre acquired by Apple for 3 billion dollars. Now he has a patent infringement suit against his leg from the established name Bose.

The American audio equipment manufacturer Bose has filed a complaint against its competitor Beats, recently acquired by Apple for 3 billion dollars. Bose accuses Beats of infringing five noise reduction patents. This is apparent from a court document that was filed in a court in the US state of Delaware.

Sales ban for Beats

Bose claims sales of its products have suffered from “unfair” competition from Beats and is seeking damages from the court. However, the audio company does not provide an estimate of the revenue it lost. Additionally, Bose is asking the court to impose a worldwide ban on the sale of Beats Studio, both wired and bluetooth. These are the headphones with which many music and sports tops are regularly seen. These headphones, according to Beats themselves, have an active noise reduction system.

New problem for Apple

Bose has been marketing headphones and earphones with so-called “QuietComfort” technology since the 2000s. This technology was renewed in 2003, 2006 and 2009.

With this complaint, Apple could face new legal problems. For years, the American technology company has been waging a patent war with South Korea’s Samsung. (Belgium/TV)

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