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this is the last day to make a complaint

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Holders of an electricity contract who have not automatically received the heating bonus of 100 euros via their bill can claim it until November 17. Beyond this date, requests will no longer be taken into account.

The government had initially decided to allow the submission of applications for this prime heating until November 1st. Due to a legal text that was not yet published, this deadline has been postponed to November 15. According to the FPS Economy, two additional days have been granted for latecomers. Complaints are therefore accepted until November 17 inclusive. “If you send the form after this date, you will lose the right to the federal heating bonus”, confirms the FPS Economy.

As a reminder, this heating bonus of 100 euros was, in most cases, automatically deducted from the energy bill before the 1er August 2022. For a minority, this automatic reimbursement did not take place. The reasons? Errors in the customer’s contact details may explain this. In other cases, the electricity supplier who was to pay you the premium (the one with whom you were a customer on March 31, 2022) may not have your bank details. Finally, it is also possible that the contract for which the bonus was granted to you is not the one for which you have submitted a request.

For these “forgotten”, the government authorized a system of complaint. The details of the steps to be taken are explained on the FPS Economy website. People who still have questions can contact a call center (0800 120 33).

The heating subsidy has already been granted automatically to 4.1 million households. Some 240,000 additional requests have arrived at the FPS Economy, of which 100,000 have already been processed.

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