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some families will receive it in November

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Some suppliers want to take advantage of the discount this month. For some Belgians, the bonus will therefore arrive as early as November.

Some families will finally already receive their federal bonuses for electricity and gas in November. This was stated on Wednesday by Marc Van den Bosch of the federation of energy companies Febeg. The most Belgians will still have to wait until December.

The federal government decided in September reduce the energy bill households in November and December by paying 61 euros in electricity costs and 135 euros in natural gas costs each month. In October, the government also decided to extend this measure until March. But last week Prime Minister Alexander De Croo signaled that the energy bonus would not be ready this month. Government assistance for the month of November would be reflected in the December bill.

However, it turns out that some suppliers still want to take advantage of the reduction this month. Most companies have received the lists of customers entitled to the bonuses and the royal decree regulating public financing will be published this week.

This would allow suppliers to start charging for rebates “from the end of next week”. “Several of the major vendors are trying to do that this month,” Van den Bosch told our colleagues at newblad. According to the director of Febeg, in some cases the December premium will even already be taken into account in the November invoice, as this means less administration for the suppliers.

Double discount in December

In the meantime, however, most November bills will be sent by the end of next week, meaning most families won’t be able to take advantage of the bonus just yet. They will benefit from a double discount in december.

Mr. Van den Bosch urges customers not to call their suppliers if they do not yet see the discount appear on their invoice and warns against phishing. “Everything is automatic,” he says. Those who have still not received a concession can contact the FPS Economy in January.

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