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Some AXA employees will only be partially indexed

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The insurer AXA will no longer fully index the highest salaries. The measure affects around a quarter of the company’s employees.

The insurer AXA will no longer fully index the highest salaries of the company from January. This information reported by our colleagues from Standard and du Tijd was directly confirmed by the company and the Christian trade union ACV Puls. AXA will no longer index the amounts collected beyond 5,400 euros gross. The unions disagree, but management says they are not doing anything illegal.

According to the director of human resources, Els Jans, a collective labor agreement stipulates, for the insurance sector, that scales are automatically indexed. But AXA pays more than these scales, she explains. “It had become a habit to fully index wages, so we were doing more than what was provided for in the collective agreement. »

Unilateral decision

The issue was the subject of lengthy negotiations with the unions, but did not lead to an agreement. Finally, AXA has decided unilaterally to adapt the indexation for the highest salaries. The measurement affects approx. a quarter of the staff, estimated in Belgium at 3,200 employees. Els Jans cannot yet say what this measure will save. According to ACV trade unionist Vic Van Kerrebroeck, the financial impact for the employees concerned will remain limited next year. ” But longer termthis could represent hundreds or thousands of euros”.

The management also did not extend another collective agreement on bonuses granted for the achievement of certain objectives. But we have increased telework allowance from 30 euros per month to 90 euros per month,” said the HR manager. “We intend to further guarantee the purchasing power of our employees. »


During last week’s strike, we asked sociologist Mateo Alalouf about the impact of such a measure. Here’s what he told us: “Some put forward the idea that indexing could be proportional to income or that the highest salaries are no longer indexed. “A bad thing according to him, ‘because it’s a right “. “Contrary to what some say, indexation does not favor high salaries. It does not create inequality but solidarity. Its goal is that everyone’s salary does not lose its value in times of inflation. »

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