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Google fires employee who says chatbot has its own conscience

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Tech giant Google, part of Alphabet, has fired a software engineer who claimed a company chatbot had a conscience of its own. According to Google, the man in question, Blake Lemoine, broke internal rules by leaking confidential information.

What writes, among others, the American newspaper The Washington Post.

The chatbot, LaMDA, teaches itself to speak thanks to artificial intelligence. The program does not do this with written texts, but on the basis of conversations. But according to Lemoine, LaMDA’s learning process went even further. According to him, the bot responded completely independently, and the program had its own emotions.

Google immediately contradicted the claims. Moreover, many scientists think Lemoine is wrong and say that LaMDA is nothing more than a complex algorithm designed to look convincingly like a human being.

Lemoine tells The Washington Post that he received a resignation email from the company on Friday asking him to make a video call. He requested the presence of a third party, but Google rejected it. Lemoine says he is reviewing his options with his lawyers.

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