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dismantling work can continue

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The construction site with a view to stopping the production of electricity at the Doel 3 reactor can continue, the Brussels court of first instance decided on Tuesday.

The Vinçotte Nuclear Association (AVN) had introduced summary proceedings to obtain interruption of dismantling work of the Doel 3 power plant, at least until an environmental impact report has been drawn up. In January 2003, the government decided that the Doel 3 power station would stop its electricity production for its 40th anniversary, ie in 2022. Since the shutdown on October 1, dismantling work has begun. The AVN considers that in the absence of environmental impact reportthis project contravenes European law.

The court held that this report was not necessary with regard to the work currently being carried out. He affirms that the exit from nuclear power adopted in 2003 does not come under the European directive of 2011, but rather that of 1985 which provides that the most recent does not apply to projects subject to a specific national law.


In addition, the 2003 law does not correspond to a project as described by the 2011 directive, namely “the carrying out of construction works or other installations or works” as well as “other interventions in the natural environment or the landscape,” the court pointed out.

The AVN can still appeal this decision.

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