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A quarter of Belgians want to start as self-employed

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Almost a quarter of Belgians (24.4%) plan to become self-employed in the future, possibly for a secondary activity. This places Belgium in the top 4 of the European countries studied, it emerged on Wednesday from an international study conducted last March by the HR service provider SD Worx among just over 10,000 people in ten countries, including a thousand of Belgians.

The Belgian average is equivalent to those of the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Only France does better, with one in three people there intending to become self-employed. Finland and Germany, on the contrary, have the fewest candidates for self-employment, with 14.1% and 19.5% respectively. Around six out of ten respondents do not see themselves becoming self-employed. Finally, Italy, Spain, Norway and Sweden are within the European average, according to this study carried out on the occasion of the Global Entrepreneur Week, which takes place from November 14 to 20.

The SD Worx survey also highlights an important ambition among Belgians under 25 to start as a self-employed person. Nearly half (46%) of them see themselves starting such an activity in the future.

However, the self-employed must not forget to build up financial security in time., even in times of crisis, recommends the HR service provider. It is therefore important for them to accumulate their own supplementary pension, either through the free supplementary pension for the self-employed or through an individual pension commitment.

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