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SpaceX capsule with astronauts back on Earth

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A SpaceX capsule carrying four astronauts from the ISS space station returned safely to Earth on Friday. The capsule landed in the Atlantic Ocean off Florida after a five-hour journey. Space agency NASA broadcast the landing live.

The crew had spent nearly six months aboard the ISS. In addition to the three American astronauts Kjell Lindgren (49), Jessica Watkins (34) and Bob Hines (47), Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti (45) also returned to earth. She was part of the crew for the European Space Agency ESA.

Footage also released by SpaceX showed a boat reaching the capsule less than an hour after landing in the ocean. The astronauts were then helped out of the spacecraft one by one. The landing of the astronauts comes more than a week after the arrival of four new astronauts on the ISS. This team, made up of a Russian, two Americans and a Japanese, will also remain in orbit for about six months.

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