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some schools charge parents for heating

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“An unacceptable and completely illegal practice”: the League of Families denounces the heating costs that some schools claim from parents given the rise in energy prices.

The association says it has received in recent days parent calls to which schools charged heating costs for classes.

“In the midst of the energy crisis, the situation of schools is difficult but families are also facing skyrocketing bills”insists the League of Families in a press release.

The latter therefore urges the government of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation to remind schools of the free education rules in forceto ensure through free inspection that they are respected, and if necessary to better support schools in the face of this increase in costs.

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“We understand that the situation is also difficult for schools,” said Christophe Cocu, general manager of the League. ” But for parents, it’s a double jeopardy: their own energy bills are skyrocketing, and some have to pay those of the schools as well! The Wallonia-Brussels Federation has provided additional budgets to help establishments cope with rising costs. If they are not sufficient, the device must be reviewed. But under no circumstances is it acceptable to re-invoice the costs of heating or electricity from the schools to the parents”according to him.

The phenomenon will be also present in nurseriesaccording to the League, which reports testimonies from parents who have seen the price of their crèche sometimes increase by more than 30% to cope with rising energy costs.

“Once their child attends a crèche, it is very difficult for the parents to change it. They are therefore forced to pay each month much higher sums than they had originally planned. The Family League calls for a stricter legal framework in this areaso that crèches that do not apply the ONE price list can no longer, during the course of the contract, raise their prices beyond indexation,” concludes Christophe Cocu.

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