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how to obtain them, and under what conditions?

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Heating bonus of 100 euros, basic energy package of 196 euros, oil or pellet bonus: the various energy bonuses must enable citizens to resist the explosion in prices. But, often, confusion reigns as to their conditions of granting. We take stock.

Monthly plan: a premium of 196 euros

Faced with the energy price crisis, the government decided last September to grant households that meet the conditions set a basic energy plan for the months of November and December 2022. This is equivalent to a premium for gas (135 euros/month) and electricity (61 euros/month). When drawing up the 2023-2024 budget last month, the government finally decided to extend these bonuses until March 2023. This represents an aid of “nearly 1,000 euros in total”.

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo clarified that this basic energy package will not be paid in November, but that it will be doubled in December. In question, the system would be difficult to implement.

However, according to Marc Van den Bosch, managing director of Febeg (energy producers and suppliers), a small part of households will still see the arrival this monthon their energy bill, federal premiums for electricity and gas.

Some providers should indeed be able to start including these reductions “from the end of next week”. Several big players are trying to finalize the procedure this month, according to Marc Van den Bosch. For some families, the reduction planned for December may even be integrated into the November invoice in order to reduce administrative procedures.

As most invoices are due by the end of next week, many households will not get a rebate this month. They will be given a double count in December as reported by Alexander De Cro.

Marc Van den Bosch calls on customers not to call their supplier if they do not see the reduction appear on their invoice and invites them to be vigilant against phishing attempts. “Everything will be done automatically”, he assures.

The granting of this basic energy package (196 euros monthly) is subject to several conditions. It is first necessary to have a variable energy contract or a fixed contract concluded (or renewed) after October 1, 2021, as an individual. People who benefit of a social tariff are not entitled to it. people with high income (annual net taxable income of €62,000 for a single person, €125,000 for a couple without dependents, €128,700 for a couple with dependents) will receive the basic package, but will have to reimburse it in part through taxes. Finally, the people living in condominiums with collective energy contracts will be able to receive the bonus only if they complete a form which will soon be published on the FPS Economy website. The bonus will not be paid to them automatically.

Heating premium of 100 euros

Holders of an electricity contract who have not automatically received the heating bonus of 100 euros via their electricity bill can claim it until November 17. Beyond this date, requests will no longer be taken into account.

The government had initially decided to allow the submission of applications for this prime until November 1. Due to a legal text that was not yet published, this deadline has been postponed to November 15. According to the FPS Economy, two additional days were granted for latecomers. Complaints are therefore accepted until November 17 included. “If you submit the form after this date, you will lose the right to the federal heating subsidy “, confirms the FPS Economy.

As a reminder, this heating premium of 100 euros was, in most cases, automatically deducted on the energy bill before August 1, 2022. For a minority, this automatic reimbursement did not take place. The reasons? Errors in the customer’s contact details can explain this, on the one hand. In other cases, the electricity supplier who had to pay the premium (the one with whom you were a customer on March 31, 2022) may not have had the correct bank details. Finally, it is also possible that the contract for which the bonus was granted to you is not the one for which you have submitted a request, stipulates the FPS Economy.

For these “forgotten”, the government has authorized a complaint system. The details of the steps to be taken are explained on the FPS Economy website. People who still have questions can contact a call center (0800 120 33).

The heating bonus has already been granted automatically to 4.1 million households. Some 240,000 additional requests have arrived at the FPS Economy, of which 100,000 have already been processed.

Fuel oil check of 225 euros

The granting of an allowance of 225 euros for people heating with fuel oil and propane in bulk has been decided by the government since June 18, 2022. An application can be submitted until January 10, 2023. Unlike other bonuses, this one is not granted automatically. A request must be sent to the FPS Economywhich will assess whether the applicant meets the conditions.

Any household that has been delivered in bulk heating oil (oil) or propane by a company between November 15, 2021 and December 31, 2022 for the purpose of heating their principal residence can request the allowance of 225 euros net, indicates Johan Mattart, Director General of Brafco (Federation of fuel traders). This allowance cannot be requested only once per household and is granted to households residing in an individual dwelling as well as to those housed in a joint ownership (apartment building for example).

A “pellet” bonus of 250 euros

People who are not entitled to the basic energy package or fuel oil check may request a bonus of 250 euros if they heat with pellets.

Two conditions are necessary to be entitled to it. First, only people who heat their main residence only with pellets are entitled to it. Secondly, you must be able to prove that your pellet purchases, with supporting documentation, such as an invoice (delivery of minimum 500 kilos). The legal text implementing it is currently being drafted. It is therefore not yet possible to request this check. As soon as possible, the request must be made via the FPS Economy website, via this link.

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