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How much the price of your favorite foods has gone up (infographic)

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Steak and fries, bolo pasta, breakfast and other aperitifs… The cost of living is also increasing on our plates. But not all your favorite meals are equal in the face of inflation. Le Vif takes stock.

The Covid pandemic and the war in Ukraine are disrupting supply chains around the world. Results : rising prices, already noted in recent months, is continuing, especially for energy and food. What impact on the prices of your favorite dishes?

The inflation of food products (including alcoholic beverages) reached 12.30% for the month of October this year against 10.40% the previous month, according to figures from Statbel, the Belgian statistical office. In November of last year, this figure was still 0.47%.

The main price increases recorded relate to natural gas, electricity, fuels, meat, heating oil, vegetables, clothing, dairy products, bread and cereals, fruit, private rents and restaurants and cafes. Alcoholic beverages, on the other hand, exerted a downward effect on the index.

Based on data from Statbel and Test Achat in October 2022, we are listing the some key dishes eaten by Belgians, and the evolution of the price over one year of each ingredient. The evolution is always calculated in relation to the same period the previous year (October 2021).

If the infographic is not displayed, you can find it via this link

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