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Alexei Navalny: “Congratulate me! I’m in a solitary cell’

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Russian opponent Alexei Navalny denounced the tightening of his detention conditions, saying that he will now be confined to a small solitary cell and will not receive visits from his relatives. His team posted the message on social media.

“Congratulate me!”, Launched Navalny, announcing that he had been transferred to a small cell for bad behavior and placed in solitary confinement. In his own words, he is only allowed to keep two books and is no longer entitled to long-term visits from relatives.

“Four days before the visit, they inform me that I have been transferred (…). And long-term visits do not exist for this type of cell, ”explains Navalny, who claims not to have seen his parents, his wife and his children for months.

Prisoners of Russian penal colonies can spend up to three days with their relatives on the grounds of the colony.

“They do this to shut me up. What does it mean? Precisely! That I shouldn’t be afraid and that I shouldn’t be silent,” the opponent said.

Aleksej Navalny was arrested in Russia in January 2021 upon his return to his country after serious poisoning which he attributes to the Kremlin. In March he was sentenced to nine years in prison under a “strict” regime on charges of “fraud” which he said were fabricated. It continues to publish reports opposing Russian President Vladimir Putin and his attack on Ukraine.

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